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Having worked in the industry for over 20 years Bruce brings a lot of experience across all lighting design and installation techniques. Bruce has worked on over 50 narrative films and television shows and hundreds of commercials, music videos and corporate pieces.

Bruce has an IPAF Powered Access License (3a & 3b) and City & Guilds qualifications in Microelectronics and Electrical Installation.

Bruce has excellent experience in lighting design for locations and stages, building practical based systems and DMX programming and design.

Kit List:

1 x Arri Fresnel 300w

2 x Arri Fresnel 650w

1 x Arri Fresnel 2000w

2 x Arri Red Head 800w

1 x Source Four 750

1 x LED bi-colour panel - dif and honeycombe (with boom)

2 x LED bricks (dif and honeycombe)

2 x Aputure MT Pro 1ft Tubes

Wireless DMX Control kit (with Luminair and Ipad Pro)

16a cabling with step downs to 13a

Greenscreen popups

12x12 and 8x8 - blacks, silks, grid, ultrabounce

3x3 frame kit with (blacks, silks, grid, ultrabounce, calaco)

Practicals kit (Bulbs, Practical Lanterns, Double Wick Candles)

Grip Kit (Stands, Cardelinis etc.)

Gels, Blackwrap, Bolton, Fabrics etc.

Electrical Testing Kit

+44 (0)7736 815 262​

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